Friday, 7 July 2017

The Janitor Secrets To Cleaning

Janitors have seen and done it all. They have faced cleaning challenges and yet they come out as winners (you remember how your house was a mess the last time you called for janitor services. Yet you came back to an organized clean home). They find solutions to every cleaning problem. By that, they deserve a round of applause, don’t you agree?

The question is how do they manage to solve all those unique and interesting cleaning challenges? This post will let you to some of the best janitor cleaning tips and they may help you save the day with your cleaning.

What you need for good cleaning

If you could sit and observe a janitor do a cleaning job, you will admire the approach. They make it seem so easy to clean an entire house or office. However, for them it has taken a mastery of the job and passion for what they do. So, what do you need to do a good cleaning job?

· Passion for the job- doing cleaning like something you love would make the job light and enjoyable. Enjoy every bit of it and you will be impressed by what you have achieved.

· Schedule- cleaning is not something you will jump into any time and day. You will need schedule of what to do and when to do it. You cannot clean carpet the same day you are cleaning your house. Have different day to do each of the cleaning tasks.

· Tools and cleaning products: you are mistaken if you thing water and your general detergent will give you good cleaning results. There is a long list of tools and products you need for a perfect cleaning job. Mops, all-purpose cleaners, brushes, scrappers and sponges are some of the things you need.

· Green cleaning products- yes, going green is catching up with home and office cleaning. There is quite a collection of these products out there. They are lauded for their ability to clean and leave it safe and healthy. However, you should first test these products before you decide to buy them.

Tips for janitor cleaning

There is a secret to how janitors get it right all the time. Here is a treat to some of those secrets:

· Assemble the right cleaning tools- cleaning is like an art; you need the right tools to hack it. It does not mean you have to buy expensive stuff to get your house or office clean. Simple but right tools will get the job done. Arm yourself with a microfiber mop and cleaning clothes, sponges, detail brushes and plastic scrapers. That is, basically, the collection of tools you need by your side for a thorough cleaning job.

· Have a cleaning plan- wait, do you simply walk into a room and decide it needs some cleaning? You will never get it done the right way. What you need is a cleaning plan. Divide the room into sections and start by one of them. Concentrate on one part until you are done. Only move to the next after the first is thoroughly clean. You will be less distracted and definitely do it the right way.

· Buy multi-task cleaning products- forget about the specialty cleaning products. Go for multi-purpose cleaning products. For instance, an all-purpose disinfecting cleaner would be a good bet to go for. It is safe on wood and tile, perfect for glass and will do wonders with the bathroom. Besides, you will save a few pennies for buying a do-all cleaning product. Who does not want a cleaning plan that saves on the bills list?

· Start by clearing the clutter- you cannot clean where you cannot see. The first rule to good cleaning is to clear the clutter before you begin. Remove excess items and put them where there is some space. It becomes easy for you to move around and reach every corner. If you need some help, Singapore is full of janitor services to help with that. Once the clutter is out of your way, your cleaning gets easy. Do not forget to put everything back to its rightful place once you are done.

· Be ready to get low- are you done cleaning? There is one more bit you need to do. Get down to the eye level and see whether you have left some cramps and dust. Consider this as a double-checking strategy.

· Set a good tone- cleaning can really be boring. But does it always have to be? Music can spice up things. Turn on your favourite music as you get busy with your brushes. This trick works for many people and it may do great for you.

Stuff you need for a sticky cleaning job

Cleaning will not always be easy. You will encounter some sticky situations and you had better be ready for the challenge. Here are a few products to make the run smooth to the last scrub:

· Corn starch- carpet and rugs will give you a hard job cleaning them. If yours are bright colours, you will need more than hard scrubbing. Cornstarch is your best friend to leave your rugs spotless.

· Ammonia- your windows will need a good cleaning. You had better have ammonia around to help you out. Besides, ammonia also goes a long way to remove grease on all surfaces.

· Ketchup- If you want to leave copper surfaces as bright as new, ketchup should be in your cleaning basket.

· Baking soda- a good janitor will never miss baking soda in their cleaning stuff. This one cleaning product makes it easy for your job. It will remove bad odor and deodorize stains.

· Vegetable oil- For your wooden furniture shine and polish this oil is a must-have. It does not only keep your room looking sharp and tidy but also ensures your furniture give you long life.

· Bleach- for the toughest cleaning problems, bleach will come bold and make it as easy as eating a cake.

Thumps up to the janitors; they got it all and you could borrow a thing or two from them. You obviously cannot replace a janitor but when you have to do a few cleaning chores by yourself; these little secrets could come in handy. Let us keep it all clean all the time thanks to the good lessons from the cleaning experts.