Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How To Choose The Right Janitor Service

Though one may argue that cleaning doesn't need a structured format or a certain time-table to follow-up, they ignore the fact that regular cleaning is the key to hygiene in the atmosphere, which directly has an impact on health.

Seeking professional Janitorial services that both homeowners and offices must take. It has several advantages (and rare disadvantages). Probably, these services had a great influence on the work culture too. Due to collective reasons, this type of service is growing popular and will do so in the future. While we may not highlight the entire facts and figures of the reasons, but we can pinpoint some major reasons why this has happened.

Professionalism - This word has a great significance if it is truly followed even if it is an unregistered organization. The janitorial service providers note that each building has its own set of requirements and they need to cater these services individually for them.

Consistency - Going through a "cleaning specification guide" of a cleaning service provider, we came to know that they have a planned schedule on what areas need to be cleaned up or mopped in a daily/weekly basis. This is a great practice.

Friendly - Not to forget that an environment can be only positive when there is no sign of quarreling all the time. Truly, the providers of cleaning service take it practically to handle all the odd jobs without making an issue of any trivial issue.

Duties - Different providers have a common cleaning specification, which includes: dusting and window washing, floor cleaning and maintenance, sanitary cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, waste removal and other duties.

Waste management - It is the responsibility of every human being to keep their environment free from waste. Notably, a provider of Janitorial Service Seattle would offer greener solutions for waste management. It is always appreciated.

Safety - Quite a majority of people neglect this part. Professional janitors would ensure proper safety of the furniture, systems and other installations in the area. This is rarely seen in the in-house cleaning services.

Equipment-ready - The janitors are fully equipped with modern cleaning products for the odd tasks. Technically, this a better option than that buying of equipment for cleaning the home or office.

Review programs - The janitorial service providers who believe in continuously evolving would welcome feedback from their clients. Hosting a set of review programs in regular periods is a much-needed practice in every organization.

Cost - For any organization or home, systematic cleaning is necessary, but the budget should also meet all the demands. Surprisingly, these Janitorial service providers offer a uniform pricing structure, offering an opportunity to decide. Besides, the cost is reasonable for such reliable services.

In addition, you may require hiring a commercial cleaning company that will offer customize cleaning service to match your needs. Since no two houses have the exact same professional cleansing requirements. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, discover a professional cleaner that does it all.

A clean firm has great atmosphere where employees work more comfortably as compare to dirty firm. Janitorial Services as well never use any dangerous chemical at all.

How to choose the best janitorial services

Today every one likes to see his/her office, homeneat with care as well. You as well have this wish then you can select janitorial services of professional in this sector or any commercial cleaner. Although finding janitorial services or commercial cleaning services is not the easy task, still you can find them. Types of facilities and their nature of delicates make them more difficult to find and hire. If a place is appearing clean and neat, it can increase beauty and growth of business. Therefore, this facility is important for any business like retail store, supermarket, or a hospital as well. You can imagine yourself that a dirty place and appearance always have a very bad impression on clients and customers. There are many things, which you must have in your knowledge before hiring janitorial services or commercial cleaning services.

Here are some important questions in this regard which are helpful for you in choosing right kind of service, which you want, and these questions will help you to choose right kind of service for your business, these questions are: What is their area of specialization according to which they will provide you their services? Do they have any franchise? Is this possible that you can contact them through any corner of the country? What is their work force? Will they be able to provide services according to your requirements?What kind of experience have they in this field? What is their total experience in this service? What are the types of products, which they use for cleaning purpose? Why they use these products? What are types of their clients to whom they are providing their services currently? Did they have nay kind of experience with the business like yours? What are their references?

If you will hire service of professional janitorial services providing company or a commercial cleaning services providing company you will get three references of their clients, which will show their reputation and popularity in this field. This also shows their professionalism in this field. Make sure that company which you are going to hire have an insurance policy through which they can pay you whenever anything of your home or office will break during cleaning and their services.

Make sure that they have that policy through which you can claim at the spot about your damage. You can also take a copy of insurance policy certificate, which they have and if this certificate is expired then ask them for another insurance policy certificate.A professional and reputable company would like to provide you their insurance policy certificate anytime, you ask or want, and they will feel proud on providing this proof. If you want to make your things protective from damage then see plan of the company, which you are going to hire that, what is their strategy for cleaning of different kind of surfaces. You can see that many commercial cleaning services providers and janitorial services provider use wrong products on wrong surfaces.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Janitor Service

As a business you need to portray a positive image to your clients and by hiring a competent firm offering janitor services and supplies, you will be well on your way to achieving this goal. Many business owners however just take to the nearest business directory and go for the flashiest adverts for janitor services. As we shall presently see, this can be the beginning of an unmitigated disaster for such a business. The contract for janitor services should be treated with care and requisite consideration before it is signed. In order to help you avoid some of the regrettable pitfalls other less circumspect business owners have fallen foul of, we have compiled this detailed guide to the most common mistakes you must take care to avoid before procuring janitor services from a Singapore cleaning company. You can treat the guide as a handy reference to ensure you get the best services as true value for your money.

1. Going for the Lowest Priced Offer
Never let the price tag of janitorial services be your only or the most important factor in deciding which offer to go for. In all likelihood, low priced janitorial services will not meet your standards. The company is likely to pay their workers peanuts and unmotivated workers are only likely to do sloppy work. They may also use substandard cleaning equipment and chemicals. If you do not want your floors cracked, carpets torn and your fixtures broken, look for a company that offers adequate guarantees and with a pedigree for quality. Companies which charge a pittance are also likely not insured. In effect, if some accident happens while their janitors are working in your premises and someone is hurt or equipment damaged, you will be left to foot the ensuing bill. In this sense, a cheap janitor service is certain to become an even more expensive one in the long run. A company which charges very low fees may also not be in a place to reimburse the monies in case of damage to property or if you find the services not at par with your expectations much later.

2. Failing to do a Background Check
Before engaging any company offering janitor services, business owners and homeowners are advised to carry out due diligence to ensure they are dealing with a reputable firm. It is customary for reputable Singapore companies offering services such as janitorial work to offer testimonials and references from at least a couple of clients they are serving or have served in the past. If any of the testimonials provided are from clients the company is no longer working with, do not accept anything that is older than a year. Call each of the references offered and inquire about the nature of the services offered. Ensure that there was or is complete satisfaction with the services offered. Just as well, take care to ensure that the clients offered for reference purposes have similar needs to yours in terms of the size of their premises as well as the cleaning requirements.

3. Not Knowing What you Want
Before even searching for prospective firms offering janitor services, you need to establish your requirements downs to the last detail. While a professionally run janitor services firm will carry out a preliminary study to establish the needs and requirements of each client, the task of establishing what needs to be done is the client's to begin with. There are two specific parameters a prospective client should use in establishing their requirements. These are the extent of the cleaning and the frequency of it. In determining the extent of the cleaning, it is not enough to know how many rooms or hallways need cleaning. As a savvy client, you should also have these expressed in square feet or meters. By detailing your requirements precisely, you will be well positioned to negotiate a fair price for the services offered. Moreover, you can later use your criteria to establish the performance of the janitor service firm as you ascertain if you are getting value for money.

4. Failing to Secure Confidential Documents
No matter how professional or trustworthy the cleaning firm offering services to your firm is, there is no need to leave anything to chance. Do not commit the all too common mistake of leaving valuable documents lying about. The cleaners need to have a regular schedule and during those hours, your employees must be made aware that all crucial operational documents must be kept under lock and key in lockers and steel cabinets. Just as well, all computers and other electronic gadgetry must be switched off and secured as necessary. Unscrupulous competitors have been known to use janitors to access trade secrets of their business rivals. Such scenarios may sound far fetched when depicted in movies and television shows but there is no need to let yourself and your business become victims. It is also perfectly in order to restrict access by janitors to certain areas of your business premises. You may also find it necessary to have your own employee to supervise janitors as they work.

5. Failure to Check Terms of Service
All professional firms offering janitor services in Singapore have very detailed service terms, policies and conditions by which they operate. Some of these may not be fully outlined in the service contract you end up signing. For avoidance of doubt, make sure that the terms of the service are explained in detail before you commit pen to paper. Try to establish if there are any conflicts to your own business policies and philosophy of your business. In these days when environmental consciousness is top most in many companies' corporate philosophy it is important to understand if the janitor services will be offered will meet your company's ecological standards. It is here too where you should make appropriate inquiries about reimbursements in case the cleaning services fail to meet your expectations or your corporate standards.

Your quest for the best janitor services possible should be guided by a set of clear principles. From experience, knowing what not to do is often more important than the list of do's. The five mistakes that you should avoid as you hire a janitor service were compiled with careful consideration of the reasons why many businesses fail to get good value for money once they retain the services of a cleaning firm. Keep the recommendations the nest time you hire a janitor services firm and you will not have to suffer regret.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hospital housekeeping policies and procedures

Every day, hospitals, and health centers are barraged with germs, microorganisms, viruses, and different infections. Hospital cleaning ought to be a flat out priority in each hospital to battle the stunning measures of germs which are gotten day by day. This is a strain on the patients, as well as staff too. Anybody inside the walls of the hospital is always presented to any infection or infection brought through the entryway. The rates of infections got inside hospitals is bit by bit on the ascent every year. Germs can be found under beds, in the cafeteria, on equipment, and in offices. Tragically that a place people go to be treated is ordinarily where they are acquainted with every single new sickness.

So what precisely makes a hospital unclean?

It is not simply untidy overnight boardinghouses nourishments; it is the presentation to fluids, inappropriate sanitation, and a disregard of appropriate hospital housekeeping procedures. As senseless as it sounds, cleanliness begins home with garbs that have been completely cleaned between each utilization. Another ignored insurance, and maybe the most essential, is washing hands. Getting to be over the top about washing hands will significantly curtail cross-contamination. Hands must be totally disinfected each time a patient or staff part comes into contact with any "took care of" item.

Hospital housekeeping changes a hospital from being an area of transference to a place of recuperating. A couple of straightforward strides can have a colossal effect in contamination and the transference of viruses and microbes. Hospitals can be a distressing environment, and it can be not entirely obvious basic procedures, for example, washing hands, rapidly cleaning spilled fluids, or appropriately disinfecting uncovered surfaces. It is not unclean individuals that make a hospital unclean; rather it is for the most part absentmindedness or oversight. Hospital cleaning ought to be at the bleeding edge of your psyche to keep up a cheerful and sound workplace for both the staff and the patients.

The initial phase in building up these hospital cleaning policies is to comprehend that specific areas of the hospital will require more consideration and recurrence of cleaning than others. Clearly, high contact areas, for example, lift catches and open phones will require more consideration than, for instance, floors and walls. Areas of concern ought to be classified as high for risk of transmittable infection, high-risk, huge risk, and low risk.

High-risk areas incorporate operating theaters, critical and concentrated care, crisis rooms, and patient bathrooms. High-risk areas incorporate basic hospital areas, open restrooms, lift catches, railings, and push bars and plates. Noteworthy risk areas incorporate patient holding up rooms and office areas utilized by staff and patients.

Furthermore, low-risk areas incorporate managerial offices utilized by facility personnel, record stockpiling areas, and non-clean supply rooms. It's implied, high-risk areas ought to be cleaned and disinfected each day, and also spot cleaned for the duration of the day. Low-risk areas should be cleaned and sanitized once per week for tasteful and additionally cleanliness reasons.

Best Practices and Standard Cleaning Procedures

Notwithstanding an administrative system that empowers legitimate cleaning procedures, the CDC's Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, diagrams an arrangement of standard operating procedures that the business must use to alleviate the risk of infections.

As anyone might expect, the risk of infection is most intense in the hospital environment. The cleaning procedures are consequently most stringent in these settings. That being said, in each human services setting, cleaning is mission critical.

As opposed to depicting by facility-sort, the CDC's rule portrays the cleaning procedures along three major classifications - critical, semi-critical and non-critical items. This order plan allows the majority of the distinctive medicinal services venues to follow the same best practices, to varying degrees, based upon the level of care and strategy types they are participating in.

Before diving further into the classes, comprehend that surfaces should be cleaned before they are disinfected for fruitful infection control, as disinfection does not evacuate earth, but instead eliminates microorganisms and growth. Cleansing, then again, murders all microbial life. As a rule, after a large portion of the cleaning solutions and disinfectants are hurtful to the environment and janitorial staff and different representatives, endeavors to practice environmental awareness where conceivable are commended, however, disinfectant is essential in specific circumstances to completely sanitize the environment. By and large, the higher the risk of infection, the more stringent the disinfectant required. Essentially, all disinfectants utilized as a part of a healthcare setting must be enrolled with the EPA.

Critical and Semi-Critical Items

The initial two classes incorporate most medical tools and instruments that come into contact with the patients, especially those in labs, operating rooms, and intense care settings. The rules incorporate certain cleaning and sanitization prerequisites that shift by device for equipment that extends from laparoscopes, arthroscopes, and endoscopes to mouthpieces and tubing. The cleaning solutions utilized as a part of an operating room, for instance, need to contain at least.5 percent chlorine, and the tools and instruments need to absorb an endorsed disinfectant.

Non-Critical Items

Most surface areas are considered non-critical. Some surface areas, for example, walls and ceilings are not frequently touched, so just require cleanser and water for spot cleaning when important. Different surfaces, for example, tables, seats, light switches and entryway handles, and also all bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected once a day. Floors ought to be disinfected in any event day by day in patient rooms and non-critical settings or promptly following contact with natural fluids in more critical settings. Exam rooms and labs require disinfectant after each utilization. Ultimately, fundamental hospital equipment is likewise considered non-critical and only need cleanser and water, unless utilized as a part of treating patients known not infectious.


There are no particular rules for the types of cleaning equipment utilized as a part of medicinal services settings. Mops and reusable cleaning materials are frequently used to accomplish low-level disinfection on environmental surfaces. However, these items must be sufficiently cleaned and disinfected, or can bring about the accidental spreading of contamination all through the facility.

Regarding modern equipment, numerous bigger offices use robotized scouring machines, supports, and burnishers to clean and clean the floors. In light of the wellbeing and safety contemplations that are fundamental in these settings, and the quantity of individuals who movement in these offices on a 24-hour premise, there are various environmental contemplations that ought to be tended to when utilizing the mechanical equipment. From picking more secure battery innovations (fuel based equipment is not proper in these settings) to selecting equipment that utilizations less water, chemicals, or causes less ergonomic damage, green cleaning equipment can lessen the environmental effect while enhancing safety, indoor air quality, and infection control.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Carpet?

When a carpet is kept well, it remains soft, cozy and makes a house look like a real home. Many customers ask us how frequent they should clean their carpets. The answer of that question lies in why you should clean your carpet. Most people clean their carpets for appearance, and some are always concerned about their health. Carpets are helpful in keeping your house clean and healthy. However, carpets act as an air filter for your house. They trap pollen, dust, pet dander and chemicals. Acting as a trap to all those substances is a good thing, as long you clean your carpet frequently. 

Every carpet requires a different cleaning method depending on the type and grade of carpet. A cheap carpet will not stand frequent cleaning because carpet fibers will break down each time your clean it.

If you live a simple life, where you live alone without kids or pets, you do not smoke, and you are very careful not to eat in carpeted room, cleaning your carpet once a year is acceptable. But if you suffer from allergies, you smoke or your carpets are regularly trampled by pets and children, you need to clean it after every 3 to 6 months.

Waiting for your carpet to look dirty before cleaning it is what most people do. When you leave a carpet for so long that its starts looking dirty, permanent damage has already occurred. You have been walking on your carpet with trapped dirt, cutting away fibers and causing premature wear. The dirt can also permanently change the color of your carpet.

Tips to help you clean your carpet

Cleaning your carpet is tough especially for someone who is not familiar with it. If you are a first time carpet owner, cleaning a carpet may be a challenge. Here are tips to help you clean your carpet.

*Clean your carpet frequently - the more you fail to clean your carpet, the dirtier it becomes. Dirt, dust and unwanted particles get into your carpet fibers making it hard to clean. The best way to make the cleaning easier is cleaning it regularly. And the more frequently you clean it, the more you will notice the less it is to clean it.

* Make use of the vacuum cleaner – a vacuum cleaner is one of the most helpful cleaning devices that you can use to clean your carpet. Using it the right way can make a lot of difference. If you do not know how to use a vacuum cleaner, hire a professional to help you.

* Use proper cleaning products and techniques – when dealing with carpet stains, it can take a lot of time to get rid of them completely. One way of removing stains is using the right cleaning products. Different types of stains are removed using certain kind of products and techniques. If you fail to use the right one, you can spend a lot of time but your stain may not come out. Hiring a professional cleaning company may be the best option if you want to get rid of your stains completely.

Here are some factors that will determine how frequent you should clean your carpet

1. Pets, children and Allergies
People who have allergies need to have their carpets cleaned on regular basis. In fact, pets and children will make the problem worse. Pet hair can be a big problem for people who have allergies. Pets are also known to cause odor problems that can only be mitigated by frequent cleaning.

Children spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Cleaning your carpet regularly is an excellent way to provide a healthy environment for your children and toddlers. If you have some of these problems, consider cleaning your carpet every 3 to 6 months.

2. Size of your house
The more people live in a house, the faster the carpet becomes dirty. If you live more than 4 people in your house, consider cleaning all your carpets every 6 months.

3. The color of your carpet
If you have light colored carpets, they will always look like brand new. However, they are unforgiving when it comes to dirt. This is an advantage because you will be able to see the dirt with your eyes. Darker carpets cover dirt to think they are clean but they are not.

So, if you have light colored carpets, look is an added encouragement to get your carpet cleaned more frequent and they will usually tell you when.

4. Small house
If you do not have children, pets or allergy sufferers, then you do not have to clean your carpet as often. For most people living in small houses cleaning their carpets once a year works out well to maintain a clean and a healthy environment.

How frequently should you book an expert carpet cleaning service?

There are numerous answers to this question. First, you should schedule a professional carpet cleaning service when your carpet starts looking dirty or smelling less perfect. You must always schedule a service when your carpet does not smell as fresh as you would like. Another answer is that your carpet must be cleaned after every 12 to 18 months by a professional carpet cleaning service. Experts will be able to remove grime and dirt that has become embedded into your carpets over that time period. They also have the right tools, products and techniques to ensure all stains are removed completely.

Trying to save some money by not seeking the services of professional carpet cleaning services will cost you a lot of money in the long run. You will have to replace your carpets more regularly.

What do we recommend?

There is no doubt that frequent, professional cleanings will benefit you, your family and your carpet or rug. Getting rid of unwanted dirties from your carpet supports a healthier interior environment. Right maintaining and cleaning your carpet extends its useful life. We are ready to help you determine how often you should clean your carpets during your cleaning visit. Visit us www.janitor.com.sg for more information on how frequent should you clean your carpet.